Grupo de Capoeira Ginga Pura, Dresden, DE

Ein Blog über Training, Präsentationen und sonstige Aktivitäten der Grupo de Capoeira Ginga Pura aus Dresden, Deutschland.
Immer mal ein Soundfile. Im zweitbesten Fall Bilder oder Videos von uns.

A blog about the activities of Grupo de Capoeira Ginga Pura from Dresden, Germany.
Some sounds, some pics, some clips. Nothing special.

Um blog sobre as atividades do Grupo de Capoeira Ginga Pura de Dresden, na Alemanha.
Alguns sons, algumas fotos, alguns clipes. Nada de especial.
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Mestres Boca Rica and Toni Vargas singing “Que saudadaes do meu maranhao” at the beach of Leme, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
It’s a beautiful song and I highly recommend to learn and sing it everywhere you have the chance.


Menina solta os cabelos
Por baixo do limoeiro
Se o limoerio morrer, o, o
Eu pago com meu dinheiro
Maranhao, Maranhao

Maranhao, Maranhao, o, o
Que saudades do meu Maranhao, o, o

No fundo do mar tem um peixe dourado
Menina bointa sou seu namorado
No fundo do mar tem um peixe de escama
Menina bonita sou eu quem te ama
Penteando seus cabelos
Com pente de barbatana
Quem me dera ser candeia, o, o
Pra alumiar sua cama
Maranhao, Maranhao

Maranhao Maranhao, o, o
Que saudades do meu Maranhao, o, o

Brincadeira de Angola na Escola Talento - RJ

Instrutores Perna, Simba and Monitor Bujao from CDO Israel playing in Jaffa.

This is Animado from CapuraGinga. Like this style.

Capoeirando 2013, Ilhéus, Bahia, Brasil

Clips from our 2nd Batizado in November 2012. Featuring Mestre Macarrão.

Mestre Olavo from Salvador da Bahia, Grupo de Capoeira Berimbahia.

Mestres Bailarino, Umoi and Cocorinha, Professores Eddy Murphy and Milani improvising in the music during a training roda at the Integração event, organised by Mestres Bailarino and Saulo, with the presence of Mestres Umoi and Cocorinha, and Professores Eddy Murphy, Milani and Ganso. Berlin, 17-20th May 2012.

Mestre Xuxo, Sinal Da Santa Cruz, AT

Writer & Director: Lena Fleming
Title: Capoeira Girl
Brand: Coca-Cola

Clips from our first Batizado, November 2011.

Instrutor Cara de Peixe & Instrutor Gaviao

Just to make proof capoeira is not really a dance but capoeira makes people dance good. ;)

A capoeira tem vida

Documentary about Capoeira and Forró in Aachen, DE. German language only for now.

The Kalumbu is a one-stringed musical bow, the ancient origins of which lie with the San people. In Zambia only found amongst the Ba-Tonga and Ba-Ila peoples of Southern Province. Chris Haambwiila, born in 1947, is an Ila from Chitongo village and one of the best kalumbu players to be found. Another traditional instrument in danger of disappearing, recorded here by Michael Baird in 2008 with essential assistance from Mrs. Esnart Mweemba.